Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Years Wikipedia

Special Freiburg Logo (source Badische Zeitung)
Tomorrow on 15 January 2011 the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia celebrates its 10th anniversary. Time goes fast. Looking back I found out that my first article written about Karl von Rotteck, the liberal Professor from Freiburg, dates back as early as 6 March 2004. Since then I document my mayor activities in Wikipedia (without mentioning my work of correcting mistakes or improving stylistic nightmares) on my personal Wiki-page.

Here in Freiburg we cultivate a monthly Stammtisch. For me, the old guy, it is refreshing to learn from those younger colleagues all the tricks they know by heart. As an additional bonus the discussions at the Stammtisch keep me abreast of new developments in the computer world.

We had invited the local press earlier, and today the rather generous article about 10 years of Wikipedia written by local correspondent Gerhard M. Kirk appeared in the Badische Zeitung: To be fast you must take your time. For tomorrow a more general article will remind the Wikipedia user community about the anniversary.