Monday, December 20, 2010

The Lost Cause

Today the Thema des Tages (The Topic of the Day) in the Badische Zeitung was the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of South Carolina's secession from the Union. When the resulting Civil War between the Yankees and the Rebels ended, bemoaning more than 600000 dead, many a man in the South rather moaned about the Lost Cause. So far so bad but then the author in his article about the Civil War managed to smuggle in the German Dolchsto├člegende (stab-in-the-back legend) and Not all was bad (in the Third Reich). The author eventually considered the sentiments of those Americans way down South as something in between.

A propaganda drawing from 1860?: Black Union army men under the command
of a white officer attack the Confederates.
Notice the couple below on the left hand side fighting to the finish:
 Is this a stab in the back?.
 I shake my head! The Dolchsto├člegende born after the lost First World War claimed that it was the home front and in particular socialist Jews who had not supported the German fighting men in those trenches in Flanders. They virtually stabbed them into their backs. It was one of those brainwashing of the people by the right wingers and later by the Nazis. In the Civil War however the conspiracy theory accused the Southern generals as traitors.

Germans, remember it well! Philipp Scheidemann who had proclaimed the German Republic
dagger in his hand with Matthias Erzberger,  a catholic Jew of the Center Party, watching. 
In the background rich Jews are sitting on their gold and counting their paper money.
Whether in the South it was not all bad before the Confederate States were forced back into the Union I cannot judge but as far as the Nazi regime is concerned all was bad! The Nazis started out with a total domination of the people, changed over to a total war and ended in a total defeat.

Here is a lesson to be learned: Be careful when comparing historical processes and events!

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