Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grass Art

No, I am not writing about Günter Grass, Nobel Prize winner in literature and known as a skilled sculptor and fine graphic artist too.

I would like to present a grass work of art made by Ralf Witthaus, an artist from Cologne, on the Stühlinger Church Square in mowing stripes into the lawn. My first reaction was: He cut too deep but his answer was: Nature is taking my work of art back. Art that does exist only for two or three weeks must communicate well. People living around the Stühlinger Church - situated just across the train station and often mistaken by passing travellers as being Freiburg’s Münster Church - look at this piece of art differently in branding a panel: This is no art, this is a noise nuisance! Indeed, Ralf had used a rather noisy lawn mower.

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