Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gap Sites

In an earlier blog I wrote about a gap site at Freiburg’s Kaisers-Josef-Straße that was unusual: Suddenly  the choir of the St. Martin church became visible when standing on the Münster Square.

In the meantime there is another gap site this time on Salzstraße. It is less spectacular but also reveals a choir. This choir belongs to the church of the former monastery of the Augustiner hermits.

View onto the choir of the former Augustiner Church
The building activities are part of the reconstruction of Freiburg’s spectacular Augustinermuseum housed in the premises of the abandoned monestary. In a first phase the former nave was transformed into an exhibition hall showing among other artifacts the impressive statues of the prophets that once decorated the outside of the Münster. The original figures were replaced by 4 meter high replica.

Statues of the prophets
The second construction phase comprises the building of a gatehouse fitting into the old style. The new building complex shall house the museum’s collection of engravings.

Architect's view of the new Augustinermuseum
The third and final phase will concentrate on the renovation of the cloisters.

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