Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Currywurst News

On June 30, the currywurst community celebrated the 100th birthday of Herta Heuwer who invented and sold the specially prepared wurst for the first time in Berlin in 1949. Even Google honored the currywurst with a doodle.

Somehow I missed Herta's anniversary and nearly got rid of the column written in the Badische Zeitung about it when two other articles appeared with some new information about the currywurst. In an earlier blog I went into the history of the wurst and described the situation here in Freiburg.

Freiburg's Lange Rote as currywurst (©BZ).
Although pizza, hamburger and döner are in fiercy competition as fast food there is a community of fans including workmen, teachers, medical doctors, clergymen, and professors sticking to their currywurst. While the original currywurst is based on a "white" sausage made from finely ground veal, here in Freiburg they use the Lange Rote (long red sausage) made from finely ground pork and bacon. It seems any sausage will do as a currywurst for the spicy sauce will overpower the taste of the sausage. In fact, it is the sauce that determines the quality of a currywurst.

In Breisach Peter Glatter claims he offers possibly the best currywurst in Germany. As a base you can choose between a white sausage with or without skin, a red sausage, a cheese sausage, or even opt for a merguez but the sauce stays the same. Peter reveals that it contains tomato ketchup, horsereddish and spices but does not give away his full secret.

Another specialist is Bernd Gottschalk from Berlin who offers currywurst in Hochdorf, a Freiburg suburb. According to him people walk miles (drive kilometers) to visit his stand for he not only spices his wurst with a mixture of chili and Worcester sauce but also with his Berlin dialect.

Inwurstmentbanker Thomas Brauße
 in Frankfurt's bank district (©BZ).
The third person I would like you to meet is Thomas Brauße, an Inwurstmentbanker as the Badische Zeitung called him, alluding to his former job as investment banker in Frankfurt. When in 2008 the housing bubble burst the US trade platform Instinet fired him and all other fellow traders sitting on the same floor simultaneously by an e-mail. Thomas saw a new market and opened a stand selling sausages in Frankfurt's finance district serving currywurst to colleagues from his former trade (floor). The currywust he sells for Euro 2.70 at his booth called FWB standing for Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) but also for Frankfurter Worscht (sausage in the Frankfurt dialect) Börse. Soon, he will possibly charge the same rate (but in British Pounds) in London's financial district Canary Wharf changing the name of his stand slightly into FSE for Frankfurt Stock Exchange or Frankfurt Sausage Exchange.


  1. I love different sausages, but I don't think that I've had some of the versions that you write about. I'm going to have to go on a sausage pilgrimage I guess. I have had Andouillette on a stop in Barbizon with my son ...he didn't even try any and he wouldn't take a bite of mine either! I can't remember how many times a year my mother used to make Kutteln but she made it when the house windows and doors could be opened up! Currywurst sounds and smells a lot better

  2. Eine super Recherche, so humorvoll!
    Liebe Grüße,