Tuesday, April 15, 2014

EU Coffee Makers

In keeping a close eye on their climate target figures on CO2 emissions for 2020 the European Union (EU) already banned all incandescent bulbs of more than 25 watts in Europe. In this respect Red Baron is a model student. Already in 1995 I had started to change all power hog light sources at home to fluorescent lamps and I am presently converting this second generation light sources to LEDs thus making my CO2 footprint even smaller.

As far as vacuum cleaners are concerned the European Union had decided that starting on September 1, 2014, machines with a power consumption of more than 1600 watts must no longer be sold in the EU. In 2017 the power of vacuum cleaners will be further reduced to 900 watts. Sorry, my present vacuum cleaner consumes 2200 watts and it is unlikely that I shall replace it in my lifetime.

Photo ©dpa
This week the EU hit again! Today the Badische Zeitung (BZ) reported about a new Regulation for coffee makers. Starting on January 1, 2015 all machines sold in the EU must be equipped with an automatic shut-off of their warming plates. The lapse of the time was fixed to less than forty minutes for non-insulated coffee pots. I do not think that Wally with his ongoing coffee consumption would ever feel such a time limitation  but I could imagine that such an attack on coffee makers in the US is unconstitutional. Non obstat that I personally consider keeping a coffee warm an offense against good taste.

All cartoons on Wally and his coffee consumption are ©Scott Adams
Red Baron likes his coffee hot and fresh. My machine produces the correct quantity needed for direct consumption without any after-warming. At present there is no regulation on that but with the EU you are never sure.


  1. What about using a brush or even Sauerkraut instead of a vacuum cleaner?
    Sauerkraut keeps the colours of your carpet fresh and shiny. No joke. Gaby

  2. Well, it's the dust and not the colors I am worried about. Sauerkraut is too precious to be abused.

  3. I have studied that for a perfect coffee maker, the reservoir for water must be of sufficient size for preparing coffee which is good enough for proper serving. Thanks for your nice article!!