Saturday, May 31, 2014

He will do it again

Today Red Baron discovered the following photo in the Badische Zeitung:

Four forerunners of a planned 400 Goethes
in front of Frankfurt's Johann Wolfgang Goethe University (©dpa)
On June 11, Ottmar Hörl will take the occasion of the centenary of Frankfurt's Johann Wolfgang Goethe University to decorate its entrance with 400 colored sculptures of our national poet. According to Hörl corn-yellow stands for Goethe's intellect, night-blue for his phantasy, purple-red for his reasoning, and turquoise-green for his sensuality.

Already in 2010 Hörl had 800 Martin Luther sculptures populate the Reformer's city Wittenberg and I blogged about the artist's projects of 2013: Wagner and Marx.

800 Martin Luthers in Wittenberg's market place (©dpa)
Usually Hörl's sculptures come in various colors but Marx only had several shades of red. Remember my blog about color coding of political parties in Germany? What about making plastic doubles of Social Democrats coming in various reds according to their conviction? I can imagine several shades of greens for green politicians as well: From dark green: Shut down all nuclear power immediately to light green: Switch to renewable energies according to our technical possibilities. I admit that I see difficulties with the black generally attributed to the Christian Democratic Party: Are not shades of black nothing else than shades of grey?

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