Friday, August 14, 2015

zum Deutschen Haus

The name gastropub may be new but the idea is old. In Freiburg quite a number of small restaurants operate like gastropubs, i.e., serving beer or wine and local food. They proffer no multi-course meals on their menu but simple down-to-earth dishes.

One of the most original places in Freiburg is the restaurant zum Deutschen Haus on Schusterstraße. The place was already mentioned in a document of 1386 as the house Zum Spihlhof. Bakers are known to have owned the premises for several hundred years until in 1779 it became a pub when Bäckermeister Wilhelm Baumeister not only made fine pastries but served them together with a Viertele of wine to his neighboring craftsmen.

Today the zum Deutschen Haus luckily is not yet a tourist attraction. Instead connoisseurs sit in front of the gastropub and enjoy the best tapped Pils beer in town:

Some gentlemen sitting in front and enjoying their Pils beer.
The Coke bottle is a flaw of somebody who did not want to be photographed.
Note the menu written on the blackboards
and the coats of arms of Freiburg's various rulers painted on the wall:
Austria (the Habsburgs), France (Louis XIV) and Baden (decided by Napoleon)
As for the menu you'd better sit inside:

The traditional interior (©zum Deutschen Haus)
At present the chanterelle season is in full swing and Elisabeth and I enjoyed chanterelles à la crème and Semmelknödel (bread dumplings) yesterday; and we had Ganter Pils, what else?

Chanterelles à la crème and Semmelknödel served traditionally in a soup bowl with a spoon.
 Simply delicious.
On top of the delicious meal we enjoyed the Italian ambiance with a fantastic view through the open window of one of the cock towers (Hahnentürme) of the Münster church in the blazing midday sun.


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