Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Such a title will never be twittered by @realDonaldTrump but this anyway is absolutely stupid for Real Climate Change is the title of my blog, neither a fake nor a tweet.

Following two tropical heat waves in Freiburg at the end of June and the beginning of July with temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) today we are cracking the 34 °C (92 °F) mark. You are right, this is no proof of climate change. However here are some hard hot facts recently published by the Badische Zeitung owner of the copyright of all graphics.

In Freiburg the number of hot days with temperatures above 30 °C has increased by more than 80% in recent years and 2017 may beat all previous records. In Freiburg we suffered already 10 "heat days" up to now.

In the not too far future the Feldberg will no longer be Freiburg's ski resort.

Farmers experience an early flowering period for such crops as rape in the year, a dangerous development. This spring the cherry trees blossomed so early that one night of frost dramatically damaged the flowering in the region. Cherries are expensive this year.

While other places in Germany are struck by Starkregen (heavy rainfall) and flooded basements the water level of the Dreisam River in Freiburg presently is so low that some fish will not survive.

Nevertheless, regional farmers are not concerned because many fields are irrigated by water pumped out of deep wells. The reservoir seemed inexhaustible with the groundwater table remaining stable in the past. In recent years, however, a decline of groundwater levels has been observed being in all likelihood due to the long-term absence of precipitation in Germany's southwest.

Climate change is real.

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