Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Donkeys' Corner

Some of my readers will remember Freiburg's Wagenburgler Story. Over the last years it has become quiet around the groups who like to live in caravans. They were roaming Freiburg in the years 2011 to 2014 for a site to park their vehicles in the shadow (Schattenparker is the name of one "tribe"). Another group calls itself Sand im Getriebe (sand in the transmission) and  indeed the quarrel with the city went "vicious" until most Wagenburgler had found their rest at a site near Freiburg's airport called Eselswinkel.

Wagenburglers behind the bushes in the background (©BZ/Rita Eggstein)
During this summer the quiet idyll was suddenly disturbed by noise. People were sleepless in Mooswald, a district of Freiburg on the other side of the airport. On August 5, techno music originating from the donkeys' corner continued into the following morning hours so that a lady at Mooswald stated: Ich stand senkrecht im Bett (I stood in my bed vertically).

The office for public order told the Wagenburglers to keep a curfew between 10 a.m. to 6 a.m. but they opposed the order and announced more techno parties. A spokeswoman said, "There are no longer any sites at Freiburg where one can party somewhat louder beyond midnight. We would like to make such parties possible for young people. Therefore we invite youth groups who are interested in our culture and way of life". Na dann prost Mahlzeit! (Well, that's just great!)

They are planning their yearly Diesel’n’Dust-Fest for September 15 into September 16. Mind you, #Dieselskandal is not such a dragging name presently.

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