Thursday, September 21, 2017


For black bread, a German specialty, I and many of my compatriots will walk the additional kilometer to get it. Some Germans living abroad even have it flown in large quantities.

Sliced Vollkornbrot by Lieken called Kraftklotz (power log)
without preservatives, juicy and extra grainy.
While France is the land of cheese we are the land of bread. Among those many kinds of bread, the black variety is of a special significance but must not to be confused with Pumpernickel*. German Schwarzbrot is a bread made from whole grain rye and is sometimes also called Vollkornbrot although wholemeal bread may also be made from wheat or spelt.
*I shall come back to Pumpernickel bread in a future blog.

Elisabeth likes wholemeal toast bread and so do many others. Of the three kinds of toast bread sold at the local grocery store, the wholemeal variant is frequently sold out.

On the other hand, Red Baron prefers thinly sliced whole grain rye bread already for breakfast. There are many kinds of Schwarzbrot, some available only regionally although others like Lieken are produced by bakery chains and are offered throughout Germany. Support local bakers! So for a change, I often buy a loaf of whole grain rye bread at a local bakery cutting my thin slices by hand.

My favorite packed bread in Freiburg is the Kraftklotz but whenever in the past I was in Cologne I bought at least two packages of Rheinisches Vollkornbrot produced by the local bakery Merzenich. Their bread was very dark and tasty due to the addition of sugar beet syrup. Recently they changed their baking recipe. Now Merzenich’s bread tastes like any everyday Rhenish whole grain rye bread. So when during my recent visit to Cologne I wept in the presence of my sister-in-law, she, being an insider, recommended Zimmermann‘s Rheinisches Vollkornbrot, donating me two packages.

Zimmermann's bakery founded in 1875 produces a Rheinisches Vollkornbrot
without preservatives and without the addition of syrup.
On the left a thin slice of Kraftklotz,
on the right an even thinner slice of Zimmermann's Rhenish whole grain rye bread.
Recently the Kraftklotz too changed its baking recipe offering 20% more bread per package. I taste the difference. The new kind is somewhat tastier than the previous version.

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