Saturday, November 25, 2017

Kieser Training

Say yes to a strong body (©Kieser Training)
Red Baron has blogged about Kieser Training before. This time I would like to present a photo showing me among others listening to a lecture about better sleep.

©Kieser Training
Generally, people at Kieser Training are not listening to lectures. They instead come to Kiesers Therapieräume für Medizinische Kräftigungstherapie (Therapy rooms for medical strengthening therapy) working out their muscles. Mind you, we, mostly elderly women and men, are no longer building our aging and aching bodies but are struggling hard trying to maintain our muscular leftovers.

When I moved into a new apartment in fall 2007, I met a neighbor who was looking at my sorrowful countenance and said: Sie müssen zu Kieser (You must train at Kieser‘s).

I followed his advice while he - already straining his muscles at Kieser‘s - got a bounty for his successful proselytizing that we spent together with our wives on a lunch. Since then, we have become friends and celebrated our four birthdays during a year with joint lunches. I am grateful to my friend for his advice. Sadly he passed away lately. In his memory, we, the remaining, are keeping up the lunches.

And I continue to do my 90 minutes twice a week at Kieser Training.

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