Tuesday, October 30, 2018

High Grass

Celebrating the two jubilees - 50 years Mundenhof and 30 years partnership between Freiburg and Madison - Susanne Eckert, director of Freiburg‘s animal park Mundenhof, had invited the press on-site for the inauguration of two ”prairies” measuring 600 square meters each. The project is supported by the city of Freiburg as it will make the American sister city "visible" to Mundenhof visitors.

On two occasions Red Baron already reported about the Freiburg-Madison prairie project, here and here. Last year the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft had a Stammtisch devoted to it.

Here are my yesterday's photos.

In spite of the still persisting draught in Freiburg part of the prairie is still in blossom
All excited Susanne Eckert shows some American sunflower seeds to
Günter Burger, Freiburg's chief of protocol, and
Frauke Feix, vice president of the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft.
Mundenhof's bison bull had noticed the massed visitors and was moving towards us, ...
... checking that there was no danger for his females, ...
... eventually turning his back on us, ...
... and slowly moving on in disgust.
What does constitute a prairie?
It‘s the high grass, stupid.
Following the extremely dry summer, the grass wasn't so high finally.
Where is Susanne Eckert? Can you find her?
On our way back. The bull had joined his flock.
Here as a bonus:
A picture taken by the photograph of the ©Badische Zeitung with Red Baron turning his back.

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