Saturday, January 19, 2019

Fridays for Future

It all started in Sweden in August 2018, when Greta Thunberg cut classes, camped in front of the Swedish parliament, and protested against the inactivity of governments with respect to climate change.

School strike for the climate (©Der Tagesspiegel)
Her protest became viral, and so last Friday pupils all over Germany left their schools marching in protest through 60 inner cities. Their motto: "Fridays for Future". The largest protest rally took place in Freiburg, where 3500 pupils cut classes although school officials had warned them about consequences. Mind you, in Germany education in official schools up to the age of 16 is compulsory.

Yesterday Red Baron was in town but only saw the protest march from behind. So here are some photos all copyrighted Badische Zeitung.

St. Martin's Gate in the background.
Most of the banners were in English.
One banner was not very original, while the other,
"Why should we learn if we have no future", was pessimistic.
Some  banners were witty but only in German,
"Kale instead of lignite (Green cabbage vs. brown coal)"
"Hey! It‘s our future"
Even some teachers preferred a "system change to climate change."
Will there be future demonstrations?

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