Sunday, September 25, 2022

Starkweather Creek Streambank Repair

©City of Madison
Flooding following strong rainfall in Madison in 2018 showed that the existing creeks did not drain the Starkweather Creek Watershed efficiently.
©City of Madison
Therefore the Municipal Council decided to have the streambank of one of those creeks repaired over a certain length in a pilot "flooding improvement project."

©City of Madison
Madison's Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Freiburg's Mayor Christine Buchheit
 listen to the explanations of the project leader
When a delegation from Freiburg headed by Lord Mayor Martin Horn and Mayor for the Environment Christine Buchheit came to Madison at the beginning of September, our sister city had organized a visit to the site. The idea behind this project is to renaturalize the creek bed such that higher water flow rates are guaranteed.
The Silberbach in Freiburg-Wiehre is fully grown over.
Overgrown plants on the banks are one reason for a reduced water flow.

Note the black plastic sheets laid out.
In Madison, their growth is stopped by covering undesired plants with black plastic sheets.

After the primarily invasive neophytes died, the site was reseeded with native plants.

Bank stabilization with boulders (©City of Madison)

©City of Madison
Non-native trees (Ash trees in red) will be removed from the banks and replaced with native species. 

 Another way to prevent flooding is to create water storage basins. In Freiburg, people reluctantly remember the Bohrerdamm needed to protect the new Dietenbach quarter downstream from flooding.

In Madison, a virtue was made of necessity.
Grandview Commons
In Grandview Commons, a new housing area north of Madison, a depression was dredged and flooded, which developed into a biotope.

This small lake blends naturally into its surroundings. Not only ducks have adopted the site.

Red Baron had a spontaneous idea. Large amounts of gravel are needed to fill in the Dietenbach marsh. Instead of a future flat lawn in the middle of the new quarter, can't we leave a natural wetland biotope?

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