Monday, July 25, 2011

A Decisive Date

The first of August will be the target date for Dominique Strauss-Kahn because the outcome of the scheduled court hearing will be decisive for him.

It also is the crucial date until which the American government must find a solution for the increase of the ceiling on the national debt as otherwise the US won’t be able to meet their financial obligations. This may result in an uncontrolled chain reaction causing more havoc to the world banking system and economy than the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.

Finally it is also the date when the Wagenburglers must have emptied the occupied lot at the entrance to the Vauban quarter. They had announced a demonstration in Freiburg’s city center for July 23, protesting their eviction.

The photo below shows the peaceful demonstrators and anti-riot police near the Bertoldsbrunnen. There are estimations that the state of Baden-Württemberg had mobilized a police force of 250 men and women whereas there were only 200 demonstrators. Obviously the police had feared the participation of many professional rioters from outside. They did not show up however. Was it because the weather was cold and rainy or was the issue not worth a trip to Freiburg?

The Wagenburglers have still not counted their cause for lost. They call for the participation at an Anti-Eviction Festival for the coming weekend. Will this stay as peaceful as the demonstration last Saturday?

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