Friday, March 2, 2012

It’s Tofu Time

Following last year's wurst war and in accordance with the new regulation for the selling of wurst on Freiburg’s Münster market the last of the eight authorized vendors opened his stand yesterday. This is the one and only offering vegetarian snacks based on tofu. In the back you see the north face of the cathedral.

Today an einem Freitag in Freiburg zur fleischlosen Fastenzeit (on a Friday in Freiburg during Lenten season without meat) I decided to try a vegetarian currywurst. Here you may admire the dish:

To put it mildly the vegetarian version of a currywurst is stark gewöhnungsbedürftig (really takes getting used to). The sausage skin is apparently made from polymerized tofu. It peels off easily but is not easy to digest. Looking around I noticed something in a pan that resembled döner meat that the vendor was just filling into pita bread.

Although I warned Elisabeth she insisted to eat a tofu currywurst at the Münster market tomorrow while I shall try the veggie döner.

As for the price; it is higher for the vegetarian currywurst than for the real stuff.

Some of the traditional vendors at the Münster market offer hamburgers (Frikadellen). So I told the tofu people to consider selling veggieburgers for Freiburg's American guests.

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