Sunday, January 27, 2013

Drawn by the Hair*

German girls are allowed to fight since 2001
 (Photo dpa)
We just learned in the press that women will be integrated into the US Armed Forces with all rights and duties. When thinking about American soldiers up to now three notions come to my mind: Marines, leatherneck, and crew cut. So I was wondering how the American girls will hide their superb head of hair below a mundane steel helmet.

Hair even was an issue with the boys in 1970 in the newly formed German army. The long-haired citizens in uniform considered the old practice of putting the steel helmet on with a barber cutting off the protruding hair as incompatible with their habeas corpus. Our then Defense Minister Helmut Schmidt issued the now famous hair net decree (Haarnetz-Erlass) in February 1971 demanding that hair and beard be neat and that the former had to be controlled should its length hamper the tasks of the soldier by wearing a hair net. At that time our Federal Army (Bundeswehr) acquired 740,000 hair nets. Soon the length of the hair of the drafted men was no longer an issue so I wonder what the Bundeswehr did with all those unused hair nets.

How will the US Armed Forces deal with the hair of their female soldiers? On the photo admire a ponytail hairstyle looking out from under a NATO steel helmet. How does the American Army helmet compare?

*Drawn by the hair is the translation of the German idiom an den Haaren herbeigezogen meaning far-fetched, but using this correct English title for the blog lockt keinen Hund hinter dem warmen Ofen hervor (does not attract a dog reposing behind a warm stove).

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