Friday, May 3, 2013

I Do Remember It Well

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Today the Badische Zeitung published a column informing me that 20 years ago on April 30, 1993, the World Wide Web was baptized as such at CERN. Yes, it is well known that at the place where I worked Tim Berners-Lee together with Robert Cailliau not only developed the idea of a global communication platform but as one of my colleagues from SLAC once formulated: They gave it to the world.

I must admit that the exact date mentioned above came as a surprise to me for those of us working at CERN had a sliding start by first getting an e-mail service with which we could communicate on-line with our American colleagues. Later we were introduced to the Web and our first browser was Mosaic that was soon replaced by Netscape developed in the States.

Windows 95: Wikipedia on Netscape
My contact person in those pioneer days was Robert, the charming Belgian, with whom I as a simple user chatted quite often over a cup of coffee. Neither of us then imagined the impact the World Wide Web would have.

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