Saturday, August 17, 2013


Freiburg continues to enlarge its streetcar network. From April 2014 on the existing line number 2 will run beyond its present terminus Zähringen to the village of Gundelfingen. In the meanwhile the construction work on a new line number 4  has started connecting the Technical Faculty of the University and the buildings of the city's Trade Fair with downtown Freiburg. The line will branch off line number 5 to the University Medical Center. However, this new streetcar project suffered a delay of at least one year due to two reasons.

The old planning clearly shows the Beißschrecken Bent (©BZ)
The City Council discussed at length the fate of the protected Braunfleckige Beißschrecke (Platycleis tessellata) living in the area of Freiburg's air field. In order not to startle the grasshopper the new streetcar line was initially planned to approach the Trade Fair via a turn of 300 degrees (see above), quickly nicknamed Beißschrecken Bent. Such a sharp turn will cause a considerable wear of rails and wheels.

Platycleis tessellata (©Wikipedia)
The second reason was the recent planning of a new soccer stadium for SC Freiburg and the need to have the new line pass close to the projected site. Now streetcar number 4 will run on tracks in parallel to the three-lined road named after Madison. One of these days streetcars will show the terminus Madisonallee and remind Freiburgers of our sister city in Wisconsin.

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