Saturday, September 28, 2013

Food of the Gods?

I like Niklas Arnegger, a columnist of the Badische Zeitung, who regularly writes ironical comments about many a subject. The other day, however, he completely missed the point with his article: Götterspeise Currywurst (The currywurst, food of the gods). He wrote at great length about sausages in general but left out the important curry sauce that will "noble" any sausage to become a currywurst. Those who read my blogs remember that I brought the currywurst to you in August 2011, I showed you that even tofu, when cast into the correct form, turns into a currywurst, and later told you that any wurst will become a currywurst as long as the sauce is right. Here are some recent examples:

Currywust served in Berlin on September 23 with Pommes frites (French or fitting to
Berlin freedom fries) and a Berliner Weiße mit Schuss (white beer with green
 woodruff syrup). The wurst was indefinable but the sauce quite acceptable.

Currywurst prepared with Vienna sausages
 as lately served to the students
of the AYF 2013/2014 in Freiburg
Although Niklas missed the point, I.e. forgetting the sauce, he dug out astonishing remarks about the sausage by some of Germany's literary geniuses.

Wilhelm Busch who drew the first German comics rightly wrote: Des Schweines Ende ist die Wurst (The pig's end is the sausage).

Otto von Bismarck, acknowledged as a master of the German language not least because of his autobiography Gedanken und Erinnerungen: Je weniger die Leute wissen, wie Würste und Gesetze gemacht werden, desto besser schlafen sie (The less people know how sausages and laws are made the better they sleep).

Jean Paul the misunderstood beer drinking genius in remote Bayreuth: Wurst ist eine Götterspeise, denn nur Gott weiß, was drin ist (Sausage is a food of the gods for only they know what is inside).

Mind you: Everything even this blog has an end, only a sausage has two.


  1. Manfred, the next time you are in Madison, I'll take you to Monty's Blue Plate Diner so that you can try their "Meatloaf of the Gods". There is also the Great Dane's "Mad City Mama's Barbecue Meatloaf" which hints of Currywurst but is in some ways more satisfying.

    As for Bismarck's comment about sausage and laws, don't forget that Madison is not only the state capital, but also the headquarters of Oscar Mayer. When you come from the airport you have to pass both of them. Hmmm, lecker!


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