Saturday, February 15, 2014

St. Valentine's Decade

Red Baron still remembers those years when we had neither Halloween nor Valentine's Day in Germany. Last Friday thanks to globalization and commerce - any day is good for selling - department stores and flower shops made an good deal here in Freiburg.

That, however, is nothing to what happened in Strasbourg last week. The French on the other side of the Rhine not only had adopted the American feast day earlier than the Germans but in the meantime have developed St. Valentine's Day even further true to their slogan: En France, nous n’avons pas de pétrole, mais nous avons des idées ! (In France we have no oil but ideas!). Voilà, here comes the St. Valentine's Decade (No, not ten years but ten days).

And what do my American friends who invented Slow Food think about the pleasures of a slow party?

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