Friday, June 13, 2014

At the Very Top, at the Very Bottom

A few days ago Christian Wulff presented his book: Ganz oben Ganz unten (At the very top, at the very bottom). Christian who?

©Der Spiegel
Wulff was Germany's Federal president for 598 days when on February 17, 2012 he eventually stepped down following a multitude of allegations. Most of them had to do with money and his friends. At the time when he was Ministerpräsident (governor) of Lower Saxony they procured him an advantageous loan for a house he was building, being divorced from his first wife, for his new family. Friends offered him and his new wife stays in hotels and private houses located in shiny places and they even paid the couple an evening at the Oktoberfest where they rather filled up on champagne instead of beer. Nothing was really illegal; it was just favoritism. Angela Merkel never should have proposed this guy for president and the German Federal Assembly never should have elected him.

On February 17, 2012, Wulff announced his resignation.
While he tries to appear statesmanlike,
Bettina looks somewhat bored (©Maurizio Gambarini/dpa)
Wulff's second wife Bettina was even more opportunistic than Christian. In her book already published in September 2012 with the title: Jenseits des Protokolls (Beyond the protocol) she heavily criticized her husband and complained that she had not been able to live her life during the time as Germany's First Lady. In January 2013 the couple eventually separated. My opinion is that she left her husband having lost the glamor of the First Lady. Eventually Wulff was put on trial but was acquitted of backscratching. As the prosecutor did not appeal the judgement it became final as from today.

Christian presented his book at a press conference. He talked himself up as a victim of an alliance between press and justice. He said that when the press brought to light the services of his friends bit by bit prosecution was all to eager to jump on any of those allegations. In his presentation he insisted that his resignation had been a mayor mistake and ich wäre auch heute noch der Richtige in dem Amt (today I would still be the right man in office). Is there anybody out there who likes to buy Wulff's book?

In his case the famous citation from Friedrich Schiller's drama Die Räuber must be corrupted: Dem Manne kann nicht mehr geholfen werden (This man can not be helped).


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