Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Being 80!

Hätten anfangs soweit zu kommen nicht vermeint (Couldn't have imagined at the outset I would go so far). This statement attributed to the Swedish Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna I used previously when somewhat astonished I announced the publication of my 250th blog just one year ago on June 8, 2014.

Today I think back and particularly remember my friends and relatives who did not have the chance to go so far. In my contacts I place all those deceased in a special category, a list that is getting longer as time goes by. In my case quite naturally die Einschläge kommen näher (the blows strike even nearer) but so far I have been lucky to have ridden them out.

Although as you would expect some physical problems haunt me, my brain still functions except for those names I tend to forget. In the meantime telephone calls are coming in at a rapid rate and I got a number of e-mails with good wishes.

What, no snail mail? Following the strikes of the Lufthansa pilots, the train drivers of the Deutsche Bahn, and the employees of the Kitas (Kindertagestätten = day care centers), the mail(wo)men walked out yesterday "indefinitely". Nevertheless this morning I received the best wishes of our mayor and Freiburg's city council sent by private mail service not affected by the strike.

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