Saturday, November 14, 2015

Allahu Akbar?

Peace for Paris
What had started as a friendly soccer match between France and Germany in Paris ISIS terrorists perverted into a perfidious multi-front attack on innocent people killing at least 120.

At the end of the match both soccer teams stayed at the Stade de France during the night. Without returning to their sleeping quarters the German team was escorted by French police forces directly to Charles de Gaulle Airport this morning to fly home.

It seems that Charlie Hebdo was just the beginning. Red Baron is under shock. In their claim of responsibility for the Paris murders ISIS announced that France will remain at the top of the list of their targets. French President Hollande calls the terrorist attacks in Paris an act of war. That means France is at war against ISIS with all the consequences it will entail.

The babarian claim of responsibilty in French

Here is the decisive paragraph of the Bekennerschreiben (claim of responsibility) in English: Eight brothers carrying explosive belts and assault rifles took as targets sites carefully chosen before in the heart of the French capital, the Stade de France during the match between the two crusader countries France and Germany watched by the stupid French idiot François Hollande, the Bataclan were hundreds of idolaters were assembled for a fest of perversity, and simultaneously more in the 10th, 11th, and the 18th arrondissements. Paris trembled under their feet and its streets became too narrow for them.The result of these attacks is a minimum of 200 crusaders killed and still more wounded, praise and merit belong to Allah.

And it is not over yet when we read: A loyal group of the Caliphate's Army attacked the capital of sodomy and vices being just the first drop of rain and a warning. These perfidious terrorist attacks aim to cause angst, political chaos, and to destroy our way of life. They will change Europe more than all previous attacks. There will be an immediate demand for more police, more weapons and bombs or even the call for ground forces against the jihadists in Syria.

Let us not abandon our acquisitions. Luther broke the exclusive claim of the one and only redeeming Catholic Church, the philosophers of the Enlightenment questioned and ended the divine right (Gottesgnadentum) of Europe's princes, England, Switzerland, and the Thirteen Colonies developed a government by the people, for the people. Now Islamic fundamentalists want to take us as Allahu's hostages. Let us not go back to the Middle Ages. Let us defend our liberties, our right to free thinking, and our democracies.

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