Monday, November 16, 2015

Tel Aviv

We visited Tel Aviv on October 31, a Shabbat, and passed the site where on November 4, 20 years ago, Israel's great hope for peace Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by a right wing Israeli.

Kids studying the tragic event
The preparation of commemoration ceremonies for the coming Sunday November 1, was in full swing:

Bill adjusting Yitzhak's tie

Yitzhak and Moshe
Starting at the Habima Theatre we walked up the Rothschild Boulevard (שְׂדֵרוֹת רוֹטשִׁילד, Sderot Rotshild). Many of the historic buildings along the axis are built in the Bauhaus style and are part of the White City of Tel Aviv, a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site.

Beautiful promenade

Redecorated Bauhaus style

Greetings from Weimar's Elephant Hotel?

Sitting on an art object?
Note my sandals worn throughout my stay in the Holy Land
In a restaurant on Sderot Rotshild where I had a frugal lunch the one and only hand-washing facility was used by both sexes. While a mirror deprived me of vis-à-vis' female faces hands were clearly visible.

After lunch we went down to the district Neve Tzedek at Tel Aviv's southwestern edge.

The tenent of this original kiosk will move to Lilienblum 16
Neve Tzedek was established in 1887, 22 years before the 1909 founding of the City of Tel Aviv, by a group of German Jewish families who moved to the site leaving over-crowded Jaffa.

Memories of  "Hauserbaugeselschaft" with the school for girls
The settlers constructed the new quarter with low-rise buildings along narrow streets. Their homes frequently incorporated design elements from the Jugendstil/Art Nouveau and later Bauhaus art.

Strange decorations including half a skull on the corner of Shalom Shabazi Street
At the nearby water front we met the head of the Tel Aviv Sister City Office where I had expected a more formal reception (Never on Shabbats!)

Mr I have forgotten his name and Johannes, our guide
Before we reached our hotel Red Baron stepped off the bus and went straight to the beach bathing his feet in the Mediterranean Sea.

Barefoot in the Mediterranean Sea

Against a low sun kite-surfers profited from the offshore wind ...

Kite-surfers against the sun
while I went to the terrace of a nearby hotel, drinking my first Israeli beer...

Maccabee Lager
... watching a beautiful sunset.

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