Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wurst Grievances

On several occasions Red Baron had reported on Freiburg's bratwurst scene on Freiburg's Münsterplatz. In 2010 the wurst lovers had to bear a wurst war that ended in 2012 with the opening of a veggie wurst stand. Now I have to tell you that last year the bratwurst scene suffered considerably so that three stands of eight are presently missing. Well, the veggie dog vendors simply pause during the winter but in October butcher Dirr was stricken by an explosion because of a leaking gas bottle that injured one saleswoman severely and destroyed his stand.

Firefighters in action at Dirr's stand on the north side of the Münster church (©BZ)
Following the sudden death of Freiburg's original among the wurst sellers, Paul Karle-Hämmerle, end of November his immediate family announced to discontinue Paul's Imbiss* on Münsterplatz.
*Here you may read about the Deppenapostroph

Mobile shop of Paul's Imbiss
on the south side of the Münster church in the early morning hours (©Fudder)
Memorial cobblestone for Wurst Paul on Münsterplatz (©Ralf Fees/BZ)
This apparently gave Dirr the idea to throw his towel too. The investment into a new stand seemed to big.

Since a new public tender procedure for all vendors is due this year anyway, we may soon see new faces selling wurst on Münsterplatz. Will there eventually be a price competition? I doubt it.

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