Monday, March 14, 2016


Alea iacta est. Yesterday on Super Sunday Germany moved to the right in three state elections. The ruling parties in Berlin, the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD), are the losers while the populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is the winner. Does this mean twilight for goddess Angela?

In Baden-Württemberg's state election the CDU lost 12% of their previous votes and the SPD more than 10%. A winner in the Ländle is Ministerpräsident (governor) Winfried Kretschmann and his Green Party gaining 6%. They pass the Christian Democrats and become the strongest party in our state parliament with 30.3% of the votes. What is worrying is that starting from scratch the right leaning AfD got 15.1% right away.

Neither did last-minute efforts in Freiburg by left wingers and Christian movements combined help to stop the Alternative for Germany ...

Rather solid-aryan than solid Aryan (©Freiburger Wochenbericht)
... nor did law-and-order slogans by the CDU help turning the tide:

Enforce the police. End Green and Red mistrust against our cobs.
Therefore vote CDU.
More than 15% of the voters in Baden-Württemberg punished Merkel's policy of opening the German borders to refugees. Refugees came too many, too rapidly and, what a German citizen will never tolerate, uncontrolled. It is even estimated that up to 20% of those persons having entered Germany last summer and fall never registered or disappeared following their registrations. On the other hand some people registered several times hence a correct count is impossible. Only slowly our authorities get the situation under control.

European solidarity? Nope. According to many a head of government in the European Union those refugees are a German problem for it was Angela who lured an increasing number of refugees to flee the Middle East with her Wir schaffen das (We will make it). Will the lost state elections be Angela's twilight in Berlin?

The Greens lost more than 2/3 of their previous votes in the state elections of Rhineland-Palatinate and about 1/3 in Saxony-Anhalt. Nowadays all parties in Germany have a green touch. Why bother still with the Greens who had their peak values following the Fukushima nuclear disaster? On the other hand personality plays a decisive role in local elections and many voters in the Ländle like Winfried, the Green father of the state, who now has to look for another, more, and other coalition partner(s) supporting a government lead by him.

With all established parties stating not to enter in a coalition with the AfD it will become difficult to form stable state governments in all three states. Now the great fiddling of coalitions will start. They are easily named after countries referring to the colors in their flag. I wrote already about the Jamaica coalition (black, green, yellow, i.e. Christian Democrats, the Greens, and the Liberals will govern together).

Presently excluding light blue other color coalitions are possible, e.g., a Kenia coalition (black, red, green). The most perfidious combination not respecting the will of the voters (Wählerwillen) in Baden-Württemberg will be a Deutschland-Koalition (black, red, yellow) proposed by loser Guido Wolf (CDU) banning winner Kretschmann to the opposition benches. These days nothing is excluded.

Let us hope that the many votes for the AfD are protest votes and therefore ephemeral. An good example is the populist Party of Law and Order Offensive, shorter named after its founder Schill Party, in the state of Hamburg. In 2001 the right-wing party entered into the city parliament with 19,4% of the votes but four years later it was reduced to a mere 0.4%.

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