Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pork Obligation

With all those Muslim refugees arriving the German society gets polarized and nervous or should I say hysteric? While most of my fellow "countrypersons" try hard to be politically correct they get frustrated when finding out that some of the refugees are not reacting alike. Reactions are ranging from incomprehension via frustration to anger even giving rise to conspiracy theories.

There is a general tendency to serve healthy food in German school cafeterias, i.e., offering less sugar, fat, and meat and more vegetables. This however did not please Schleswig-Holstein's pig farmers. So the parliamentary group of the Christian Democrats asked in their motion 13/3947 the government in Germany's most northern state to stand up for pork. Pork should remain in the range of foodstuff to be offered in cafeterias and canteens of Kitas (day nurseries) and schools. The CDU continued their motion: No Muslim shall be forced to eat pork and we do not demand the introduction of a "Pork-Day" (in English in the German text). Tolerance in a pluralistic society means recognizing and condoning other food cultures and lifestyles.

Already the Romans knew: Si tacuisses philosophus mansisses. The supporting phrases were simply too much and although seemingly politically correct they backfired. For when the press took up the subject most papers were eager to shorten the news by coining a new German word Schweinefleischpflicht or in modern orthography Schweinefleisch-Pflicht (pork obligation). The CDU motion caused a "pigstorm" in the social media. It just proves that with regard to refugees my countrypersons's nerves are on edge.

While I was still deliberating whether to honor the story by a blog I read a comic strip The Atheist Pig. The author drew it as a tribute to one of his favorite comics Jesus and Mo and wrote about the latter: If you’re not reading it, then may you receive 30 lashes with bacon strips.

Here is a typical Jesus and Mo comic ...

...  and what Winston, the Atheist Pig, made out of it in a blanket:

FYI means for your information and haram is Arabic for forbidden, e.g., certain food
For my non-American friends "pigs in blankets" possibly need some explanation. Here is a photo:

These are not hot dogs but pigs in blankets (©stef yau/Wikipedia)

P.S.:During the debate on the Christian Democrat pork initiative Deputy Martin Habersaat of the Social Democrats ironically responded in Schleswig-Holstein's state parliament: "We are experiencing a new climax of the millennial kulturkampf of orient versus occident. As it is well known, today Muslim refugees come to Central Europe solely for the purpose of putting us off pork, together with vegetarians, vegans, and rheumatics. Here it is to nip early signs in the bud and to defend our freedom of barbecuing" (Wir stehen auf einem neuen Höhepunkt des jahrtausendealten Kulturkampfes zwischen Orient und Okzident. Heute kommen die muslimischen Flüchtlinge bekanntlich zu keinem anderen Zweck nach Mitteleuropa, als uns, Seite an Seite mit Vegetariern, Veganern und Rheumatikern, das Schwein madig zu machen. Hier gilt es, den Anfängen zu wehren und unsere Freiheit am Schwenkgrill zu verteidigen).

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