Monday, September 26, 2016

University Ranking

Already last week the annual results of the World University Ranking 2016/2017 were published and Freiburg's university is among the top one hundred. Before you break into joy note that last year Freiburg ranked 84 and has lost eleven places since then. With respect to the national ranking the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität dropped too, i.e., from 7th into 9th place. Times Higher Education assessed 980 universities world-wide with respect to teaching, research, citations, technology transfer, and internationalization. The Badische Zeitung criticized that the recent study did not take into account Freiburg's new university library yet.

Red Baron studied at the universities of Tübingen, Göttingen, and Munich. Well, Tübingen, 89, now ranks in front of Freiburg, 95. Göttingen, the stronghold of physics in the twenties of the last century, is only in 112th place while Munich's university climbed to rank 30.

When I passed Göttingen train station last weekend on my way to my annual class reunion I read below the station panel: Stadt, die Wissen schafft (A play on words: Göttingen, not a city of science but a city generating knowledge). Do they really need that advertising and will the claim help pushing the ranking of my former alma mater next year?

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By the way, the ranking of the University of Wisconsin Madison in Freiburg's sister city is 45, an excellent position world-wide.

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Note that in the ranking from one to ten all universities are "English-speaking" except for the ETH Zürich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. But remember, languages are never a problem in polyglott Switzerland. The only surprise of this year's ranking is that venerable Oxford reached first place pushing Caltec into second place while all those famous American heavyweights like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Princeton are following up whereas in the usual competition between Oxford and Cambridge (UK) the latter remains in fourth place.

Here on the lighter side I present a graffiti at a wall of Freiburg's university. I know about sexists but are there Sexistinnen, i.e., female sexists? Fact is that at Freiburg's university the number of female students, 52.6%, has surpassed the number of male students. In addition female students generally are more diligent and achieve better marks. Does this mean that they now show off with respect to their male colleagues? Was one of the latter frustrated when he demanded that female sexists should go home?


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  1. Die Stadt Göttingen ist immer über die Wissenschaft. I'm also sure you realized this afterwards: with the adverb "innen" as the opposite of "draussen", the sentence "Sexist innen, geht nach Hause!" has a straight forward meaning. Thanks for your posts!