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is the German word for continuing education. Yes, Red Baron, being responsible for public relations at the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft, eventually went to a course to be formally educated in the skill. Here is my certificate:

The first thing we participants learned was that the aim of public relations work is to build a positive image of an organization or association, make it authentic and likable.

À propos participants. There were only four persons who attended the course for another four did not show up. While one lady was working for the organizer of the course, the other two represented an association for Sterbebegleitung (end-of-life care) and the herb garden at St. Georgen, a district of Freiburg.

Public relations is not to be confused with advertising, i.e., an ad in a newspaper is no press release. With the latter associations in Freiburg are not spoiled for announcements of events in the local newspaper Badische Zeitung generally are lost in two pages of fine print or are not published at all. I recently reported on an exception.

The BZ runs a series Aus unseren Partnerstädten (From our sister cities) but Red Baron's attempts to get articles about Madison into the local paper have failed miserably in most cases.

This year Freiburg's adult education center (Volkshochschule) is coming to the rescue of the partnership organizations. In its summer program it places Freiburg's partner cities into focus. So there will be a Tag der Freundeskreise (Circle of Friends Day) in the premises of the VHS on April 9, where we will present our associations.

Cover of the 2017 vhs catalogue
On March 29, Red Baron will give a talk on a topic that is dear to his heart: Von badischen Revolutionären zu Forty-Eighters. Here is the abstract:

Following the defeat of the 1848 Baden Revolution due to the intervention of Federal troops under Prussian command many revolutionaries fled into neighboring countries. From there Friedrich Hecker, Gustav Struve, Franz Sigel, Andreas Lenz and Carl Schurz moved to the motherland of democracy, the United States, setting up their new existence.

At the outbreak of the Civil War these men joined the Union Army continuing their lost fight at home in the States this time against slavery.

The talk will take place in room 204 of the VHS, Rotteckring 12, at 2000 hours.

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