Sunday, February 26, 2017

Miniatur Wunderland

It is Hamburg's train wonderland located near the Elbphilharmonie. On the Kehrwieder (come back) island, the largest model railway of the world is built on 1490 square meters in a disaffected Schuppen (storage building). The idea started in 2001, and the exhibition has grown since then into Germany's top tourist attraction. In 2016 more than 1.3 million people visited the show. More than 900 trains, the longest one measures 14 meters, run on tracks of a total length of 13 kilometers.

Forty-six computers control 1270 signals and 3050 switches. The train tracks are decorated by 8850 cars, 228,000 trees, 215,000 toy figures, and 3670 houses and bridges. Every 15 minutes, the main light goes off, simulating night scenes illuminated by 335,000 lamps.

Already months ago Red Baron had reserved a time slot for the coveted exhibition which turned out not to be necessary for I arrived at lunchtime. However, when I left around 4 p.m., the place was extremely crowded.

Here are some impressions starting with Rome:

St. Peters's Church with the pope greeting a small crowd

Night views are always impressive. You recognize the Colosseum at a distance.

The Spanish steps

A street scene near the central station Roma Termini

The Forum Romanum

Where are the trains? Here are two Italien long-distance trains.

Night at a small town in Lower Saxony

The Pacific steam engine ist still waiting.

Here the train eventually is on its way into the Harz Mountains.

Helmut Schmidt Airport in Hamburg

A real landing at night

The usual situation at airports: Waiting in line for take-off.

More of Hamburg: Simulated Dammtor Station where all crowned or non-crowned
 heads of states arrive by train and are officially received.

The Elbphilharmonie opened up. Note the simulation of water on both sides.

Scandinavian off-shore oil platform. Ships are floating on real water.

A too narrow Grand Canyon

Ernst Udet, ace of World War I, flying
the Grand Canyon in the 1920ies.

Las Vegas by night

End of January, the people of Miniatur Wunderland built a wall around Las Vegas well ahead of President Trump ... (©Calgary Sun)

.. while in another part of the Wunderland, the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989 is celebrated.
Quite some Trabi cars try to pass the narrow opening into the west (©Miniatur Wonderland).

Do not worry: The people at Wunderland promised to tear down their wall by the end of February (©afp).

As the French say: Ça vaut un voyage (It is worth the trip).


  1. This year I was for the first time in Miniatur Wunderland and I loved it. I am curious how it will look like in a few years, when there will be more scenery :)

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