Sunday, June 25, 2017


The official title is given below but everybody calls the event Partnership Market.

This international meeting takes place every second year with Freiburg's twelve sister cities presenting their countries, cities, and cultures. The event officially started on June 23 at 10 a.m. but the booths arranged in a circle on Rathausplatz had to be equipped in time for the official opening.

When Red Baron arrived at the site five minutes before eight on Friday morning the streets were still empty but when he turned around the corner he saw our friends from Madison already in full swing. Jim, Eric, Jen, and Charles smiled at the latecomer.

They proudly presented Madison's flag and guarded it fondly
knowing that it may become a collector's item.

They had brought a technically sophisticated poster
celebrating Madison's 30-year partnership with Freiburg.

While Dick and I wore the official poloshirt of 2013 ...

... Carolyn and I sport the cap of 2017 in Madison-blue
that the Madisonians generously offered to me. Thank you.

For the occasion the Braukollektiv had brewed a special wheat ale ...

... Fox & Friends. Thank you Braukollektiv.

Here master brewer James Tutor and Madisonian Jim Lattis
proudly present the bottles as they arrive.

While waiting for the official opening I met a distinguished guest,
Resident Director of the Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF) Professor Sarah Fagan
framed by Frauke and George.

I also met Theresa from the Madison College Big Band (MCBB) in conversation with Dick,
while smiling Gudrun is approaching.

The Madison College Big Band on Partnerstädte-Tour:
Rüsselsheim, Kassel, Emmendingen und Freiburg.

Conductor Jamie Kember struck up the Madison College Big Band opening the festivities
 with lead singer Lo Marie presenting Irving Berlin's Blue Skies we had
plenty of during the two days. Mandall Mathis is at the tenor sax.

Mayor Otto Neideck on stage introducing the Italian and American consuls
Giacinta Oddi and Carrie Lee as well as Suwon's
Lord Mayor YeomTae-Young.  They gave their messages of greetings.

Following the opening ceremony Mayor Neideck is in conversation
with US Consul Carrie Lee and Uta Schröder from the Carl-Schuz-Haus (CSH)
while the chief of protocol Günther Burger is watching.

Fred Juergens, Mandell Mathis, and Flaviano Estrella, Jr., relaxing 
following their performance with the MCBB.

James Tutor, his wife Katja, and a baby (not theirs).

Four ladies: US Consul Carrie Lee, CHS's Uta Schröder, and
Director Friederike Schulte with her baby Marieke.

FMG's Frauke and Toni smiling.

Associate Director Ulli Struve of the AYF and his smiling students offering
cheesehead photos, American popcorn, and Friendship Ale Fox & Friends
to people visiting our booth.

Mayor Ulrich von Kirchbach at our booth enjoying Fox & Friends
while posing with the other Ulrich.

More Käsköpp, Toni and George, were seen in the local press.

Bernard Schätzle, winemaker, state deputy, and "father of Joß Fritz
with Ulrich von Kirchbach enjoying our beer for a change.

Nikolaus von Gayling, member of Freiburg's city council and
descendant of Franz von Sickingen, with cheesehead and Fox & Friends.

Square dance with the Dreisam Swingers.

The Black Forest Badgers on stage.

The MCBB opened their Saturday performance with a short version of
George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and continued its program
with lead singer Lo Marie setting the pace.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of all helpers in particular our friends from the
Sister City Committee our participation in Freiburg's 9th Partnership Market
turned out to be a great success. Vielen Dank.


  1. It was fun to see you and the rest of our Freiburg-Madison circle! Thanks for the fine collection of photos. -jim

  2. It was you and the Madison delegation doing all the work driving the presentation to a great success. Thank you all.

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos! It's great to see friends from both the States and Freiburg having fun together! See you soon -Kendall