Friday, January 12, 2018

Fish & Friends

Elisabeth and I like to eat fish although it is tough to find a good choice in Freiburg. The city is just too far away from Germany’s coasts where it is a tradition to eat seafood often. In the States, I always found a good selection of various fish even in places like Knoxville and in particular lobster in Oak Ridge.

English still is the preferred language in Germany.
The only chance to eat fresh fish in Freiburg is a German restaurant chain called Nordsee where we quite often eat grilled filet of plaice caught in the Pacific even though it tastes entirely different from plaice found in the North Sea. This is why whenever I am in Hamburg I try to eat Speckscholle, a plaice caught by men on fishing cutters harbored in Finkenwerder, a village on the left bank of the Elbe river. Remember my blog of last January? I nearly missed the boat.

Coupons; this is just the first page
The local Nordsee restaurant tries hard to convince Freiburgers that fish is healthier than their traditional Schäufele (pork shoulder). It issues coupons that will cut your bill in half. Sometimes it is hard to find those coupons and so Red Baron joined their customer club Fish & Friends, to be confused neither with the craft beer Fox & Friends nor with the early morning show on Fox Television.

Note, the restaurant is open, not geöffnet.

Yesterday I had a strange encounter. With some difficulty, I had created a barcode on my iPhone using the Nordsee app giving me a price reduction on our favorite dish. When I proudly presented the above image to the man behind the checkout counter he panicked, “I don’t need that,” handing me not one but two sheets of coupons thus avoiding the electronic gadget like the plague. He nearly fainted when a young man waiting in line behind me showed him his mobile phone with a barcode too.

So much for digital competence in Germany.

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