Monday, January 15, 2018

New Year‘s Reception 2018

Last year Red Baron was one of the 1300 lucky citizens invited to Freiburg’s official New Year‘s Reception 2017. This year I went to the reception of my local Lower- and Middle-Wiehre Civic Association.

Citizens attending the reception are listening to the speeches. Note the eerie light effect.
This is not the Holy Grail but the sun focussed on a wine glass.
Following a lengthy speech by the chairman of the Bürgerverein - harping on perennial issues like the traffic situation in our quarter Wiehre, a veritable squaring of the circle - Mayor Dr. Dieter Salomon answered at equal length emphasizing the achievements of his administration in the past years, albeit enhanced by full employment and bubbly tax revenues.

Mayor Dr. Dieter Salomon in action
Martin Horn's flyer:
Together let us shape Freiburg

We Freiburgers will elect our mayor on April 22, so the meeting turned out to be a sort of early election rally with all five contenders present. We have a left-wing woman of Die Linke, a right-wing candidate of the AfD, and an independent Green Party male challenging his colleague, incumbent Mayor Dr. Dieter Salomon, who is looking for a third eight-year term as mayor. The Christian Democrats (CDU) did not find a suitable candidate while last week the Social Democrats (SPD) pulled a heretofore unknown young man out of the hat.

This handsome non-party guy called Martin Horn is the only serious contender to Dieter and attracted all the attention. Here are some photos:

Later the two top contenders were discussing back to back with the people

I captured this picture from a video on Facebook.
The scene was taken during Freiburg's official New Year’s Reception 2018.
Note the person in the back, longtime SPD MP for Freiburg Gernot Erler, watching Martin Horn attentively.

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