Friday, July 2, 2010


With the space for housing in Freiburg becoming more and more scanty - many persons want to move into the Green City - there is one trick to increase the number of inhabitants per square meter: densification.

People who happened to have a niece view looking from their balcony into neighbour's garden wake up one morning staring into a deep dug hole for an underground parking. This is followed by a year of noise and dust. Walls are thrown up and when this is all over, one morning they look unto their new neighbour’s balcony and table. Soon they know whether he/she takes müsli or croissant for breakfast although I must admit I have not heard about handshakes between neighbours across balconies so far.

The problem of handshakes does definitely not exist at the Westfriedhof (west cemetary) in Cologne where Elisabeth and I usually visit my parents-in-law's gravesite. This time we could not easily find the site. The environment where trees and shrubs had guided us in the past had completely changed. Soon the reason became clear: densification. I took the photo with my parents-in-law's tombstone in the foreground showing a plot of land in the back in preparation for packing corpses into a higher surface density.

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