Friday, September 2, 2011

Wagenburgler Blues

Yesterday night the Wagenburglers of Kommando Rhino gave a street party at their former lodging. The entrance to Vauban is now a construction site. Soon after sunset first a garbage can was set on fire. Later around 10 p. m. an excavator with a drill was torched, a damage that will stop the construction work for a while.

The torched construction machine (Photo: Badische Zeitung)
When the police arrived they were charged. One officer who had hurt his hand was verbally attacked: Shitty cop pig! I hope your hand is broken. Next time we’ll break you. Bille Haag representing the round table of the city officials and the Wagenburglers said: This is not acceptable and not useful, however the Rhinos are not responsible for the aggression. A city official replied: These actions unmask all announcements of nonviolent protests for a new Wagenburg as a noncredible and worthless lip service.

As I already wrote: it’s not over yet

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