Friday, June 22, 2012

From Westmister to Greenwich

While strolling through London before taking the boat at Westminster pier to Greenwich Elisabeth and I had an encounter with yesteryear:

A small town in Oregon late fall 1959.
Photo in Caffé Concerto on Regent Street.

The square in front of Buckingham Palace was full of tourists
all looking forward to the Queen's Jubilee.

The gates were closed but behind a lonely guard paraded forth and back.

We walked down to Westminster pier to catch a boat to Greenwich.

We left Westminster exactly at noon,

passed St. Paul's, and looked at some b&w photos on the other side.

When approaching the Tower Bridge ...

the London Tower beautifully restored was on our left.

We arrived at Greenwich just in time to watch the red ball dropping at exactly one o'clock. What they used to call Greenwich Mean Time on the BBC was in the meantime watered down to Universal Time.

When we left the boat  in Greenwich I felt an English sunburn.

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