Sunday, April 19, 2015


Angst haunts Germany, the angst of TTIP. Yesterday there were demonstrations against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership all over Germany. Red Baron was on Freiburg's Rathausplatz and took a few photos.

Multinationals will profit; TTIP CETA TISA; people will lose
TTIP or Democracy, don't hand over Europe to multinational companies.
When I arrived they were just taking the banner off Freiburg's town hall full of German obedience.
The police had told them that is was not allowed to decorate official buildings with protest banners.
This morning Freiburg's Sunday paper Der Sonntag printed another picture taken in front of Freiburg's townhall with EU's Jean-Claude Juncker claiming that European jobs will not be effected, Germany's Angela Merkel raising her new leitmotif that TTIP is alternativlos (without alternative), while the young man in front proudly proclaims that TTIP will assure him profits.

©Der Sonntag/Rothermel
It seems to me that this time German angst is somehow justified for few people understand what TTIP is all about. We do not know what the American and European delegations deliberate so secretly. Angst always develops when things and situations are not well understood. A good example is the reappearance of a few extremely shy wolves in Germany where however the bad wolves making angst are so "well known" from our reading of the Brother Grimm's Kinder- und Hausmärchen (fairy tales).

Apparently the clever? idea of the two TTIP parties was to keep the negotiations secret in order not to excite the people concerned for any small detail the US and Europe may and certainly will quarrel about. This way of non-communicating backfired with the result of a general excitement among the people developing lots of conspiracy theories. Here the famous American Chlorhühnchen (a chicken bathed in chlorine solution to kill the germs) traded against the European chicken full of antibiotics and hormones only presents the very tip of the TTIP iceberg.

Even in Freiburg people develop conspiracy scenarios with the Freiburg streetcars coming under American control. Although one of the future tram stops is already named Madisonallee there may be more to come when the Kaiser-Josef-Straße, in the Middle Ages named Große Gass (Big Alley), will again become Broadway and the Hauptbahnhof be renamed Main Station.

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