Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Green City Hotel

Remember my blogs in 2011 dealing with the Wagenburglers, people who like to live in caravans and who were looking for space in Freiburg to park their rotten gear?
The new Green City Hotel at the entrance to Vauban (©BZ/Rita Eggstein)
I reported on the forced cleaning of a lot the Wagenburglers had occupied at the entrance to the Vauban city district and the aftermath.

In the meantime the city has built a special hotel according to the latest standards of ecological building on this long-contested site. The Green City Hotel employs mostly handicapped people with the city trying hard to make this social installation profitable.

Last night left-autonomous people attacked the building in hurling glitter balls* filled with pink paint against walls and windows. At the same time other left-wing people attacked the IHK Building (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) near the train station breaking windows.
*fitting to the season

In the Internet the left-autonomous scene took responsibility for the two attacks. The Green City Hotel employing handicapped people is a symbol for brutal social repression while the IHK stands for the densification of living space leading to the destruction of the environment and a social displacement of people. They announced: Although the Climate Summit in Paris is over their resistance against capitalist interests will continue.

We already "suffer" from a much to warm winter in Freiburg. Are we getting an even hotter one?

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