Sunday, June 26, 2016

Albion Quo Vadis?

While EU politicians still behave like a startled pile of chickens following Britain's exit from Europe Red Baron regards the decision of the English and the Welsh as a logical consequence of a frightening global political development.

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Many people in developed countries notice that the famous cake is already distributed and that due to the limits of economic growth their part of the cake will not grow in spite of all the promises of the established parties and their leaders. Instead, the gap between the poor and the rich is widening. So it is easy for populist parties and their leaders to accuse the establishment and to promise that they will make the future of all frustrated citizens bright again.

The States have their and we have our problem. We in Europe face dissatisfied people who easily follow right-wing pied pipers accusing the political establishment and Brussels' bureaucrats of all the misery in the land. Let's face it; in spite of all economic (high unemployment rates among the young), refugee, and terrorist problems the European Union is a success story. We had seventy years of peace and economic growth in particular in peripheral regions that the EU financially supports and develops.

The UK always had its problems with Europe. Remember Margaret Thatcher telling her European partners: I want my money back. Now there is more to it when the leader of UKIP (UK Independence Party) Nigel Farage calls the Brexit a victory for decent persons and declares the day after as Britain's Independence Day. This man and his followers surely are dreamers living in the past seeing the UK still ruling an Empire and the waves. Suddenly they stand facing Scottish independence and troubles in Northern Ireland. In splendid isolation will they make remaining England and Wales great again in a globalized world?

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