Thursday, August 18, 2016

Craftival 2

Following last year's success the Freiburg Craftival celebrated its second edition last Saturday. This year's festivity was all different with 16 breweries offering 40 different beers. The festival started already at midday and although Red Baron came an hour late there were only few visitors that got lost on a surface that had doubled with respect to the overcrowded space the year before.

At the entrance to the party ground Schmitz Katze I was stamped after having paid 7 Euros entrance fee that included a tasting glass but no free beer. Beer samples of 0.1 liters were served at the various booths and were 1 euro each.

According to plan: To the left last year's party ground, to the right the 2016 addition. 

Schmitz Katze stamped on Red Baron's left arm.
I first visited my friends of the Braukollektiv.

They offered me a good fill of one of their latest creations Ziggy alternative pale ale.

© BZ
While I talked to them their booth was the only crowded spot in a somewhat deserted place showing the popularity of this craft beer team in Freiburg. Eventually I had a chance to take my photos without too many people showing their backs.

James in professional discussions
Later I passed by a booth offering craft beer from Alsace. It turned out that the guys behind the counter were selling the brew but being from Freiburg they did not even understand French.

A glass cleaning station between the fills.
Following two more one euro samples I felt somewhat dizzy and started to look for some food. One food truck was offering pulled pork in a burger bun. It was delicious.

Pulling hard on the pork in the background

Admire the special Craftival glass with just a puddle of beer.
Next stop was at Emma's selling a beer brewed by a girl of the same name. She calls her beers: Biere ohne Bart (Beers without a beard). The taste of her Kuckucks Rot amber ale was stunning and later devastating so I needed more food.

Glasses were filled generously with more than 0.1 liter for one euro.
Here my sample of Cuckoo's Red.
To this end I docked on the Schwarzwälder Flammkuchen Manufaktur and indeed a tarte flambée with white cheese, Black Forest bacon and red onion rings was manu factu prepared for me.

Order your size.

Flammküchle mit Speck, roten Zwiebeln, Käse und ein dunkles Porter.
Although being the only customer present I had to take a queue number. There was no need to call me as I profited from the sparsely populated scene talking to the people at their booths and later at the tables.

Although lacking customers the friendly team of Schwarzwälder Flammkuchen Manufaktur
was in high spirits.
So I met a chemistry student from Freiburg and even two doctoral candidates working at CERN, where else? Suddenly I started feeling old.

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