Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Freiburg's St. Martin's Gate

Red Baron blogged about Freiburg's second most photographed landmark, the Medieval Martinstor, before.

For an explanation of the text on the panel on the gate
see my description of the French revolutionary wars.
The empty surface above the panel once showed a painting of St. Martin.
This time I would like to share with you some pictures a team of the Badische Zeitung was allowed to shoot inside the building officially off limits for all visits. The reasons given are the pokiness of the place, fire protection deficiencies and contamination of the place with asbestos.

The entrance door leads to a spiral staircase.
Note that in earlier times staircases were frequently located
 outside the building, and therefore not heated in winter.
The following photos were all taken by ©Rita Eggstein of Badische Zeitung with some unseen views on Freiburg.

The key to the entrance door

The narrow spiral staircase
The bell of the tower clock

Heavy streetcar traffic around Bertoldsbrunnen below the gate

View on the Münster church from one of the corner turrets

A view on Schwabentor

South view of Kaiser-Joseph-Straße in the direction of Dreisam and Johanniskirche

North view of Kaiser-Joseph-Straße in the direction of Zähringen

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