Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Winner Is ...

Freiburg. Last Monday the Badische Zeitung proudly presented data showing that Freiburg has Germany's youngest population. Even Red Baron is not old enough to spoil the average figure of 39.8 years. The map clearly shows that older people live in the rural districts of the eastern part of Germany, i.e., in the former GDR. Young people move into the cities (e.g. Berlin, Dresden, and Leipzig) where the action is and where they find jobs.

Coming back to Freiburg. With 5,338 births in 2016 the city is approaching the record figures of the baby boomer years 1966 (5,396) and 1967 (5,348). At the present rate Freiburg will most likely surpass the previous record numbers in 2017.

The following photo illustrates the facts. Young mothers and even fathers invade Freiburg's streetcars with their strollers and sometimes twin buggies for the city counted 124 twin births in 2016. Also this number is increasing with the years for more and more young men evidence low sperm count so couples are seeking help in in vitro insemination. To be on the safe side doctors tend to implant more than one fertilized oocyte.

Three boys
Another fact is that more boys (2729) than girls (2609) were born in 2016. In my youth I was told that Mother Nature takes into account that men are the weaker sex and more baby boys die during their first year. With modern medical care this is no longer true. So 25 years from now I expect those young men will be fighting for the "rare" girls.

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