Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Vive la France !

Last Sunday Red Baron followed the live-streamed inauguration of France's newly elected President Emmanuel Macron on Facebook. While I was watching I took some screenshots that I would like to share with you.

Macron arrived in a relatively small car and was greeted by President François Hollande at the steps of the Élysée Palace while dignitaries were waiting inside in a hall.

Hollande and Macron disappeared, apparently to attend a session of the French government that is always presided over by the President of the Republic. This time it was presided over by the old and the new; was this the reason why the meeting took nearly an hour?

In the meantime the cameras showed some interesting scenes while people were waiting.

The guard of honor waiting in the courtyard of the Élysée Palace

La tricolore always on top

Dignitaries are waiting inside

Two well-known faces. In the middle: Lionel Jospin, socialist, prime minister in 1997,
failed in 2002 to become Président de la République. On the right: His eternal rival
Laurent Fabius, socialist, now president of the Constitutional Council.

The two attractive daughters of the president's wife and one of the grandchildren waiting.

Soldiers of the Foreign Legion waiting.
In the background men of the Republican Guard waiting.

Citizens greeting their new neighbor are waiting too.

The waiting dignitairies are entertained with Mozart

Is he coming?

But he disappears again to say goodbye to François Hollande

François bidding adieu to Emmanuel's wife Brigitte
while the new president is watching the scene

Both men are descending the stairs
The car in which Emmanuel arrived is waiting for François at the end of the red carpet.

Is Hollande hesitating to leave the Élysée or is he eager to leave?

Macron watches the parting president entering the car

A last waving of the hand

The presidential couple united again is smiling to the crowd

The president of the Constitutional Council gives a lesson to Macron about his duties and rights

Laurant Fabius impresses the crowd by speaking without manuscript or teleprompter

The Grand Chancellor of the Order of the National Legion of Honor
 offers Macron the insignia of a Grandmaster

A close-up of the cross of the Legion of Honor

The Grand Chancellor signs the bestowal document first

The bestowal document of the Legion of Honor

Macron signs the document too

In his inaugural speech la France d'abord (France first)
defending the traditional values de la Républic: liberté, égalité, fraternité ...

... although Europe is important too

The presidential couple leaves the reception

Brigitte in small talk with some dignitairies ...

... while her husband is leaving the building for an inspection of the guards.

Macron on the red carpet face to face with ...

... the commanding officer

The new president on his way to inspect the guard of honor

Saluting the tricolore

Playing la Marseillaise

President Emmanuel Macron listening

On Monday President Macron was in Berlin. Traditionally the first foreign trip of a newly elected French president is to Germany while a newly elected chancellor visits Paris first. Both leaders agreed to advance the European Union.

Angela and Emmanuel being bosom buddies already (©AFP)

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