Monday, May 7, 2018

An Addendum

Hopefully, my readers will excuse my yesterday’s Freudian slip. Is it old age or was I just overtired?

As the new mayor, dynamic Martin Horn has promised not to “brake” but to ”break” 16-year-old structures in Freiburg’s town halls. Correct, we actually have four town halls but that is another story.

It was late yesterday. So here are some additional photos (all are ©BZ) and news of Freiburg’s historical voting out an incumbent mayor.

The crowd on Sunday evening on Rathausplatz
Monika Stein, the bronze medalist, is interviewed
At the Green election party.
Watching the incoming results Dieter and Helga Salomon are disappointed
A supporter is consoling the outgoing mayor
Dr. Dieter Salomon announcing his defeat
My friend, Professor Michael Wehner, head of the Lpb (State Agency for Civic Education) in Baden-Württemberg, said, “It is highly symbolic when the green capital is lost. However, the core of the defeat is less to be sought in party politics than in the communication style of the incumbent. Now, the designated successor must ‘deliver‘. So far Horn has primarily led a nice election campaign.”

Winner Horn and his charming wife
Indeed, the central topic of the election campaign was affordable housing. In his acceptance speech, Horn already abated the hopes of his voters. He has no general recipe for the speed with which affordable apartments could be created in Freiburg.

Suddenly the shock at Martins election party.

Here is the police report: Around 8:50 p.m. the police were informed that an assault had taken place at the election party for today's mayoral election.

According to present knowledge, the elected candidate for mayor Martin Horn was suddenly struck in his face, causing a wound under his eye and a knocked out tooth. He was taken to the university hospital for further clarification.

A suspected perpetrator was arrested on the spot. It is a 54-year-old man from Markgräflerland already known to the police as psychologically conspicuous due to several incidents in the past. The State Police will take over for further investigation.

In addition a broken nose.
Martin's video message from the hospital to his supporters, "I shall return."
Freiburg’s outgoing Mayor Dieter Salomon was shocked by the incident: “I wish Martin Horn a speedy recovery. This is a terrible thing to happen in our town.”

Following a treatment in the hospital, Martin indeed returned to his election party.

Although Horn ran for mayor on an independent ticket he had the support of the Social Democrats. On the decline, the SPD suddenly sees its chance although Martin clearly said that he does not want a party card.

Horn together with smiling Luisa Boos, secretary general of the SPD in South-West Germany.
She is regarded as Horn's creator, while Horn's wife, the lady with the flowers, is smiling too.

Will holding hands with Leni Breymaier, chairwoman of Baden-Württemberg's SPD,
convince Martin? Watch Social Democrat Doyen Gernot Erler watching.

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