Sunday, May 6, 2018

Martin Has Landed!

The sensation is perfect. Martin Horn is Freiburg’s new mayor. Did young voters* called to the polls for the first time decide the vote hoping that Freiburg will now become a party town?
*16 years and up 

All jokes aside! This morning Elisabeth and I cast our run-off ballots. The first vote of April 22, had ended in a "triangulaire" (triangle vote), i. e., three candidates who stood for election had polled around 30% each. Red Baron reported.

Subsequently, Freiburgers were called to the ballot boxes a second time to choose between the three candidates. This time a simple majority of the votes decided who will govern Freiburg for the next eight years.

Between the first and the second ballot frontrunners Horn and Salomon had changed their strategy. “Together for the change”, challenger Martin Horn (34) suddenly posed in a suit and tie on his election posters for May 6, ...

... while incumbent Salomon (58), “Dieter wählen, honest, green, straight”, in his open white shirt looked decidedly sporty and dynamic. Apparently, both candidates were trying to poach in the opponent’s territory. In the case of the incumbent mayor, the strategy failed.

On our way home from the ballot, Elisabeth and I suddenly saw a bicyclist turning around a corner. I could not believe my eyes: It was Martin Horn. We took a photo and I told him that when he is elected he should not neglect Freiburg's sister cities. He started to convince me that this topic has a high priority and that his international experience will help him a lot in dealing with the matter. I answered, "You are certainly busy," being impressed that Martin took his time to talk to a senior citizen on the day of his not yet known greatest triumph.

Thank you, Martin, for the conversation
I followed the evening on the Internet.

6:30 p.m.: Winner Martin Horn kissing his wife. His young and enthusiastic supporters are applauding.
The grey eminence in the back is Social Democrat and Doyen Gernot Erler (©BZ)

7 p.m.: Election night in front of Freiburg’s town hall (©BZ).
The final not yet official result in percent of the votes cast*: Martin Horn 44.2% (34,7),
Dr. Dieter Salomon 30.7% (31,3), Monika Stein 24.1% (26,2).
*Percentages in brackets are those of the April 22, vote

Martin Horn talking to two journalists of the Badische Zeitung.
Motto: Hautnah (up close) (©BZ).
Congratulation Martin!

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