Sunday, October 16, 2016

More Hacking

Dear readers,

In July I reported on the hacking of my blog statistics that came from the east. Now a guy living on the territory of the United States loves to boost the number of my readers. A you may see from the graph there are periodic spikes of 30, i.e., multiples of 10, in the number of visits of my blog.

These fake visits in steps of 10 are clearly visible in the following graph too superimposed by a few real visits.

Yesterday night I suppressed the completely meaningless display of the weekly blog statistics and o wonder, I see no spikes in the upper graph anymore!

What kind of satisfaction do hackers get from spoiling the visitor statistics of my innocent blog? Can't those people use their brains (?) to program something useful? I shall again complain to Google and know already the outcome: no response.

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