Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Personal Note

My readers may be wondering why didn't we read about two subjects that are exciting Freiburg's citizens so much these days. Even in today's Sunday paper the renaming of streets and the future of the archaeological finds at the site of Freiburg's old synagogue are addressed in two articles side by side. Well, about the first topic I have already blogged describing the facts but indeed the blog needs more Butter bei die Fische (poking in the eye).*
*The translation I found for the grammatically wrong but colloquial German expression is Put up or shut up which in my opinion does not well describe the meaning in German. Let's say I would have accepted more poking in the nose too.
My friend Jim proposed "Getting down to brass tacks." This I would rather interpret as: Nägel mit Köpfen machen literally translated as Going to make nails with heads, i.e. starting serious business. Butter bei die Fische has the meaning "Giving more substance to the matter, discussion, and blogs etc."

©Der Sonntag
Hold it! Writing a blog is a multiple-stage process:

1. Finding a subject: There are too many at the moment
2. Writing the text is fun and not always the hardest part
3. Selecting the pictures and formatting them takes time
4. Copying text and pictures into the blog template is easy
5. Getting everything into the right format takes even more time
6. Hitting the red Publish button

Here is my list of partially drafted blogs you may expect to read in the near future.

More about the remains of the old synagogue and their future
Reactions to the renaming of Freiburg streets
A report about the recent beer seminar at the Carl-Schurz-Haus
Meet the Chinese ambassador
Parts two and three of my latest Berlin trilogy
Explanation and interpretation of the word karcher and the expression postfaktisch (post-factual).

So please be patient and stay tuned to Red Baron.

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