Saturday, March 25, 2017

Freiburg Under Construction

At present Freiburg is one big construction site. The Verkehrsbetriebe (VAG) are building a new streetcar line running in front of the new university library to the site where once the Siegesdenkmal (victory monument) stood. All the following impressive aerial photos are from a ©BZ photo gallery.

Presently bicycles are parked at the site of the already terminated track bed for the new line in front of the university library. A search for a future parking space is on.

More trees are actually planted at the Square of the Old Synagogue. The municipal theater is on the right, Kollegiengebäude 2 (KG2) on the left, and the old university building (KG1) on the left in the back of the building site.

A water basin marks the layout of the Old Synagogue shown below on an old postcard.

Building activities at the site of the Siegesdenkmal. Note the scaffolded steeple of the Münster church in the back.

Car traffic is greatly compromised with two lanes only.

Seventeen century stonewalled arches of Vauban's fortifications near the Christoffel Gate are exposed.

The arches are located in the north of the plan showing Vauban's masterpiece.

How the area should look at the end of 2018. Note the new site for the Siegesdenkmal and the new streetcar tracks.


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